School Day

  • School starts at 8.55am for Key Stage 1 and 9.00am for Key Stage 2 with a warning bell at 8.55am for Key Stage 2 children.
  • Morning break is from 10.30am until 10.45am for Y1 – Y6 and 10.00am until 10.30am for Reception.
  • Lunchtime is 12.10pm until 1.10pm for Y1 – Y6 and 12.00pm – 1.10pm for Reception.
  • Key Stage 1 have an afternoon break from 2.30pm until 2.45pm.
  • School finishes at 3.15pm for Reception/Key Stage 1 and 3.20pm for Key Stage 2.


For their own safety and security children are not supposed to arrive on the premises before 8.50am, when the school takes responsibility for their supervision, unless attending Breakfast Club from 8.40am.

Children who are late for school (i.e. arriving after 9.00am must report to the School Office to have their late arrival recorded in the Late Register).

The school cannot accept any responsibility for children who are on the premises outside the times at which teachers are on duty unless they are involved in a supervised extra-curricular activity.

At the end of the school day Reception and KS1 children will be dismissed directly to an adult, in the event of parents not arriving on time, children will be taken to the school office, where office staff will contact parents. KS2 children will leave via the school office entrance.