Fabulous Fridays

Reception have been creating their own drawings based on the stories ‘Jonah and the Whale’ and ‘David and Goliath’.

Y1/2 have been doing fun activities related to the Cinderella story. They made super clocks and invitations to the ball which had moving parts.

Y3/4 were playing table tennis, painting pictures of rivers and mountains; sorting shapes and french pencil case items into giant venn diagrams and animal charts.

Y5/6 have been making volcanoes, learning about Charles Darwin and creating posters about refugees.



Year 3 and 4 BBC Live Lesson

On Friday 23rd November, the children in Year 3 and 4 took part in the BBC Live Science lesson. The lesson was based around Dr Who with the doctor herself introducing the challenges and tasks to the children. During the lesson they explored the planets and discovered why light is important to life on Earth with the CBBC presenters as well as Dr Kevin Fong. Our school name even appeared on screen during the lesson.
Check out the website to see the lesson for yourself – Doctor Who, Space, Light, and Super Movers – Live Lesson


November 16th

The children in our Reception classes have been learning about the bible story Noah’s Ark. They drew pictures of items that they would choose to take on the ark. The children practised their fine motor skills as they rescued animals from the rubber bands and created a collage of the ark. They’ve also been learning about feelings. They talked about the different feelings and painted faces on cling film.

October 26th

In Reception, the children were experimenting with watercolours, painting poppies and enjoying an afternoon tea with ginger biscuits. They drew gingerbread men and coloured them and made paper snowflakes


Year 1/2 all had a turn of sieving flour and other ingredients to make pancakes which links to the topic Africa and they sang African songs.


In Year Y3/4, Mrs Stanyer’s class were using pneumatics to create mythical creatures with blowup parts. Children were learning about French through art using paint with Mrs Bond. In the hall children were jumping and landing using control and jumping off platforms. There were also some tricky partner balances. Miss Shallcross was teaching children about light and shadows in science experimenting with light and making pictures of the Earth, sun and moon.


In Year 5/6 Mrs Russell’s class were experimenting with circuits and using computers to make an information page on electricity. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air song could be head from Mrs Webb’s classroom with recorders, other instruments and lots of singing along.



October 12th

One Reception class was found in a corridor on a rhyming hunt, whilst another when making up their own stories based on The Little Red Hen. They had also been making bread and tasting it and comparing how many children liked the different toppings.

This year 1/2 class were learning how to log onto a computer.

In year 3/4 they were doing design and technology making moving monsters. Another class were in the hall doing gymnastics, practising partner balances and sequences. The other class were learning some French, singing, playing instruments and painting.

Year 5/6 were investigating light and shadow during science and making earth, sun and moon structures and models. Another class were doing work on Blist Hill, their recent trip. Some children were on computers and some worked on paper. They all looked amazing!



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