Fabulous Fridays

This Friday the children in Reception have been decorating Christmas tree decorations, tasting beans, tapping out beats and using music to express themselves. They were also discussing where technology is used around the home and went on a walk around school to see if they could recognise any technology.

Year 1 have been learning how to use brush and fill tools on a computer; practising their cutting skills, making a collage of the Sydney Opera House and creating some aboriginal art.

Year 2 made key-rings and reindeer food. They also made a banner and posters to advertise their stall at the Christmas Fayre.

Year 3/4 have been learning how to play the guitar, took part in a drama and dance diversity workshop and been following Changra music on the glockenspiel and recorders.

Year 5/6 having been designing gingerbread houses, tasting biscuits and testing additional ingredients which might enhance the flavour. Exploring with light and mirrors and making periscopes.




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