Year 3/4

Y3/4 Class teacher – Mrs Vicky BondMiss V Colclough - Class Teacher, Numeracy Co-ordinator

I have been at Ravensmead Primary School since September, 2013. Prior to this I taught for 5 years in key stage 2 in a school in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent. I enjoy teaching maths and helping the children to develop their confidence and skills in a subject that many children find tricky. This enjoyment for the subject has led to me completing my Maths Specialist teacher qualification and taking on the responsibility of the subject across the school. Aside from this I really enjoy art and any kinds of drawing and love to work with the children helping them to develop their creativity.



Y3/4 Class teacher – Miss Lauren HorneMiss L Horne - Class Teacher

I have been at Ravensmead Primary School since September, 2014 although I was formerly a pupil here. This is my first teaching position and I am looking forward to the challenge ahead. I really enjoy drama and anything related to the theatre therefore I am looking forward to being more involved in the fantastic productions that the school perform. I enjoy reading to the children, especially Roald Dahl’s books and in particular ‘The Twits.’



Mrs Charlene Lockett  TeacherY3/4 Class teacher – Mrs Charlene Lockett

I began my teaching career at Ravensmead in 2002 and have taught in the Foundation Stage for the last 13 years. This year I have taken on a new role as a Year 3/4 class teacher, teaching for the first time in Key Stage 2.

My responsibilities at Ravensmead have included being the Foundation Stage Manager for 5 years, with my current role as P.E co-coordinator, where I work alongside Mr Heppell. I enjoy leading after school sports clubs and particularly enjoy giving the children the opportunities to compete in leagues and competitions.


Homework in Y3/4

Homework is given out on a Friday and is expected to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday.

Each week the children will have:

  • 1 piece of literacy
  • 1 piece of maths
  • Spellings to learn (Test days decided by individual staff)
  • Reading (every night if possible)
  • Research and follow up work when appropriate


Information for parents with children in Year 3/4

Egypt topic web

Rivers and mountains topic web

Greek topic web


Year 4 Residential to Stanley Head

On Wednesday 5th April, the Year 4’s headed off for their residential stay at Stanley Head. The children have faced many challenges over their three days away, the first being to make their own beds! A great time has been had by all, the weather was kind to us and all the children managed to survive outside and complete their activities with huge smiles on their faces. Activities from their stay included crate stacking, climbing, archery, pond dipping, night time orienteering, camp fire, nature walks and team building challenges.

A huge well done to every single one of the children in Year 4, they ALL gave their best, worked hard as a team and made many happy memories. Here are just a few photographs from the stay, there are many more to follow and of course the year 4 Stanley Head assembly which will be on the afternoon of Thursday 18th May.


Greek food tasting

As part of their topic Ancient Greece, Year 3/4 tasted a range of Greek foods in topic this week.
The foods they tasted included feta cheese, olives, pitta bread, grapes, sultanas and greek yoghurt. The children described the food’s appearance, texture and taste as well as scoring each food out of 5.
Children then learnt about foods eaten during Ancient Greek times and used this information to design a meal for an Ancient Greek person to try.


Dementia Workshop

On Monday 21st November, the three Year 3/4 classes took part in a Dementia workshop lead by Will Boyce, the chairman of the charity Ravensmead is supporting this year called Approach which is a local charity that supports people with dementia in this area.

Will spoke to the children about dementia, explaining how the brain is affected and answering questions the children had. The children played a memory game to demonstrate just how important it is to remember things and they discussed how it might feel for someone who has dementia and is finding it hard to remember.

Both children and staff found the workshops extremely informative and we are all looking forward to working with Will again in the future.


Greek God Rap

Greek God rap lyrics


Ancient Greek clay pot workshop

On Thursday 3rd November, Year 3/4 children took part in an Ancient Greek clay pot workshop. Through the day children took part in three activities:

  • Using clay just like the Ancient Greeks would to make a coil pot and a slip pot.
  • Using a computer programme to design their own Ancient Greek clay pot.
  • Sketching design ideas and designing a final design for how they are going to decorate their clay pot once it has been fired.

The children had a very enjoyable day and worked really hard in every activity, learning lots about Ancient Greek pottery throughout the day.


Ancient Greek workshop

On Thursday 22nd September, the children took part in an Ancient Greek workshop to enhance their learning of their current topic. Rob from Arty-Fact Theatre Company brought Greek myths and legends to life through his humorous and engaging performance. During the workshop, children heard the myth of Pandora’s Box, learnt about the Olympic games and visited the Oracle on Mount Olympus. Both children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance, with lots of laughter and a wealth of information gained to support learning.


Carnival Day

On Tuesday 19th July, Year 3/4 brought their current topic ‘Brazil’ to an end with a Carnival Day. On the day, children wore brightly coloured clothes and took part in a parade around school, showing the carnival headdresses they made for ‘Artscool’ and throughout the morning they participated in three Brazil related activities including hula hooping, limbo, garland making and Brazilian dance. The children also worked with Mrs Webb in the afternoon to compose their own piece of Brazilian style music.

Well done to Frank and Holly for winning ‘Limbo King and Queen’ as well as Chris and Abigail for winning ‘King and Queen of hula hooping’.



The children worked hard in the classroom and at home in preparation for their visit to Artscool, a festival celebrating aspirations, achievement and creativity through the Arts.


Making Lobby

In Y3/4 to bring our Spring topic ‘Where in the world are we?’ the children learnt about local dishes and in particular lobby. We found out about the history of the dish and why it was popular amongst poorly paid pottery workers. After finding out about the different food groups and how to make sure that we are eating healthily we then designed and made out own lobby before eating it of course!

“The lobby was delicious and the best bit was that we made it ourselves!” Rubi.

“I liked making the lobby because we got to eat it afterwards,” Harrison.

“Top lobby!” Mr Bell