Year 3/4

Y3 Class teacher – Mrs BondMiss V Colclough - Class Teacher, Numeracy Co-ordinator

I have been at Ravensmead Primary School since September, 2013. Prior to this I taught for 5 years in key stage 2 in a school in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent. I enjoy teaching maths and helping the children to develop their confidence and skills in a subject that many children find tricky. This enjoyment for the subject has led to me completing my Maths Specialist teacher qualification and taking on the responsibility of the subject across the school. Aside from this I really enjoy art and any kinds of drawing and love to work with the children helping them to develop their creativity.




e-shallcrossY3 Class teacher – Miss Shallcross

I started my first teaching position at Ravensmead in September 2018. I am really looking forward to being in Year 3 and watching everyone learn and grow. I enjoy history and geography and teaching them in a fun and creative way.







Y4 Class teacher – Mrs StanyerMiss L Horne - Class Teacher

I have been at Ravensmead Primary School since September, 2014 although I was formerly a pupil here. I really enjoy drama and anything related to the theatre therefore I am looking forward to being more involved in the fantastic productions that the school perform. I enjoy reading to the children, especially Roald Dahl’s books and in particular ‘The Twits.’






Mrs Charlene Lockett  TeacherY4 Class teacher – Mrs Lockett

I began my teaching career at Ravensmead in 2002 and previously taught in the Foundation Stage.

My responsibilities at Ravensmead have included being the Foundation Stage Manager for 5 years. I enjoy leading after school sports clubs and particularly enjoy giving the children the opportunities to compete in leagues and competitions.





Y4 Class teacher – Mr HeppellMr R Heppell - Class Teacher, PE Co-ordinator

I have been teaching at Ravensmead School since September 2011, where I began my teaching in Year 3/4. Since then I have taken on the role of PE coordinator, due to my love for PE and sport. This has led me to taking numerous after school clubs such as Football, Cricket, Cross Country and more, all of which require me to take school sports teams to various competitions. I love this part of my job, as it allows me to see the children working together as a team, motivating each other to achieve their best and having a smile on their face throughout. At Ravensmead we encourage every child to attend an after school club and become ‘The Best That They Can Be.’



Homework in Y3/4

Homework is given out on a Thursday and is expected to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday.

Each week the children will have:

  • Termly topic project
  • 1 piece of maths
  • Spellings to learn (test days decided by individual staff)
  • Reading (every night if possible)
  • Research and follow up work when appropriate


Information for parents with children in Year 3/4

Greek topic web Autumn 2018

Rivers topic web Spring 2019

Egypt topic web Summer 2019


Stone Age workshop

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th January, the children in year 3/4 took part in a Stone Age workshop. Across the two days the children took part in a number of activities and learnt lots about the lives of the people who were alive during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

During the archaeology session the children learnt how to be an archaeologist, how to safely dig for artefacts and then clean and categorise them. They studied the artefacts to find out which time period they were from and then from this created their own group museums to show changes through time.

In the technologies session the children learnt how to do a number of jobs that the people would have needed to do during this time period. They made their own arrows using sticks and flint, lashing them together with leather; it was rather tricky! Using a quern stone the children learnt how to grind grain into flour; it was hard work and 35 of them made just enough flour in 45 minutes to make 2 bread rolls!

The children also learnt how to weave and spin wool and created their own bracelets using bronze beads and teeth.  When they weren’t taking part in the workshop the children were completing their art projects, looking at the various cave paintings that have been discovered and also turned one of the Y3/4 cloakrooms into their very own cave, complete with cave drawings! Everyone had a fabulous time and it was a great way to launch our topic.


Y3/4 become miners for the day!

On 8th and 9th November the children in year 3/4 visited Apedale Heritage Museum as part of their current topic on ‘Where in the World are we?’ The children have been learning all about the local coal mining history and this trip enabled them to experience life underground. During the day they took part in 3 activities;

The coal mine! Equipped with helmets and head torches the children ventured underground into a drift mine. They learnt about how the coal has been mined since Victorian times and how tools and equipment have changed. They found out about the different jobs that the miners had to do, how they stayed safe and experienced how dark being in a coal mine would have been.

Apedale Heritage Museum. The children were taken around the museum by the extremely knowledgeable centre volunteers who taught the children more about the mines, the local area, the life of a miner and how coal is formed.

Nature Walk. Walking around Apedale country park, the children learnt about the different animals and insects that can be found there and also where important places in the area are and how they have changed over time.

A fabulous day was had by all involved and the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit, especially their time underground!

Apedale Heritage Centre is a fabulous local attraction. If you would like more information about the centre and the events that take place throughout the year please visit their website.

Or take a look at these leaflets advertising upcoming events there.

Apedale heritage centre leaflet

Apedale valley light railway leaflet

Apedale valley light railway- tracks to the trenches

See Santa by steam at Apedale


Ancient Egyptian day

On Thursday 19th July, to bring their topic of Ancient Egypt to an end, the children of Year 3/4 had an Ancient Egyptian day. They were all asked to come dressed as somebody from the time period, costumes included Pharaohs, slaves and even mummies. We also had a very impressive Anubis costume.

Throughout the day, children took part in a number of activities to bring their topic to an end including making papyrus paper and neck collars, and learning how to read Ancient Egyptian numbers. They also showed off their impressive costumes to the rest of the school during a parade in the morning.

A huge thank you to all of the parents for taking the time and making the effort to produce some amazing costumes, adding to the super day had by all!


Bread Making

This week the children have been learning to bake bread in year 3/4. The week started with them taste testing different bread types and also possible ingredients to add to their bread such as cranberries, walnuts and poppy seeds. They then designed their bread before making it in class. The children then tasted and evaluated their bread with lots of positive responses. A fun and messy time was had by all!



Once again children in year 3/4 have taken part in the Artscool exhibition at MMU Crewe.  The theme of the project this year was ‘The Link between India and the UK,’. Using this title year 3/4 focused on combining the cultures of the countries.

Over the past few weeks all of the children have worked really hard to complete their art project, which has encompassed sketching scenes of the Potteries and using spices to paint them, designing their own rangoli patterns and transferring their designs on to black paper, adding colour with lentils, coloured sand and pulses. Using the idea of the national animal being projected on to famous landmarks, the children created their own design. They had an outline image of famous British and Indian buildings and created a design for a projected image. Each picture was in the shape of the opposite country’s national animal and the children used symbols that they thought represented the country to complete them. The children then transferred their design on to acetate and coloured them using acetate pens.

The project culminated in a visit to MMU Crewe on Tuesday 27th June where 50 children represented Ravensmead. The children took part in a range of different workshops including Street dance, Junk art, drumming and visiting their work display professionally in an art exhibition.

For more photos go to Artscool 2017.