Year 3/4

Mrs Russell

Mrs J Russell - Class Teacher, KS2 Co-ordinator

I have been teaching at Ravensmead School since September 2004. I have only taught within Key Stage 2, where I hold the responsibility of being Key Stage 2 Manager.

As well as supporting staff within Key stage 2, I have other responsibilities in school including, French and Community Cohesion Co-ordinator.

I enjoy working with children, providing them with the opportunities to be the best they possibly can be, whether that be academically, socially or emotionally.

I enjoy organising visits within the local community; especially Wilbraham House, our local residential care home. Witnessing the children interact with the older generation and forging friendships, is simply priceless.


Mrs Hubbard 014 Mrs L Hubbard-Science Co-ordinator, Teacher

I have been lucky enough to have been a teacher at Ravensmead for  years now. I have taught in different year groups, but I have spent the majority of my time in KS1. I also lead science throughout the school and have really enjoyed our annual Science weeks, which the children thoroughly enjoy! I love to watch the children discover something new and question the world around them.

I help to maintain the school garden, with help from members of the Gardening Club and we host the annual Garden Party each year.

I also lead the Science Ambassadors in their work raising the profile of science in the school.


e-lewisMrs Lewis

I am really looking forward to working at Ravensmead this year. Prior to this, I taught for six years in Key Stage Two, in a school in Blackpool. I am very excited to have responsibility for the school council this year.

I enjoy all things creative, especially drawing and painting. I also enjoy planning school trips and witnessing children learning in a variety of ways.


Homework in Y3/4

Homework is given out on a Thursday and is expected to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday.

Each week the children will have:

  • Termly topic project
  • 1 piece of maths
  • Spellings to learn (test days decided by individual staff)
  • Reading (every night if possible)
  • Research and follow up work when appropriate


Information for parents with children in Year 3/4

Stone age topic web Autumn 2019

Year 4 Residential 2020 information

Topic web- Where in the world are we Spring 2020


Performing alongside the Halle Orchestra at the Victoria Hall

On Wednesday 12th June, Year 4 visited the Victoria hall in Hanley to take part in a concert alongside the Halle Orchestra. The theme of the concert this year was ‘Space’ and we were joined by an astronaut and also Superman. The children performed songs both on the glockenspiel and pad drums, as well as singing.

Thank you to all parents and relatives who came along to support the children at the Victoria Hall, we hope you enjoyed the show!


Year 4 residential to Shugborough

On Wednesday 15th May 2019, Year 4 set out on their very own 3 day adventure to Shugborough Outdoor Education Centre. Over the 3 days, the children took part in lots of activities including caving, fire lighting, climbing, blindfold trail and team games. On the Thursday afternoon, they also went on a walk around Cannock Chase where they learnt lots of new games and songs as well as taking part in the Shugborough run. Everyone had a great time, the children all worked together well, tried something new and were a credit to the school. Here are a few photographs of our time away.

Don’t forget the Year 4 residential assembly will be on Thursday 20th June at 2pm where you can find out lots more about our time away.


Ancient Egyptian day

On Friday 3rd May, to introduce their topic of Ancient Egypt, the children of Year 3/4 had an Ancient Egyptian day. They were all asked to come dressed as somebody from the time period, costumes included Pharaohs, slaves and even mummies.

Throughout the day, children took part in a number of activities including making papyrus paper, code cracking, Egyptian clothing and belly dancing. They also showed off their impressive costumes to the rest of the school during a parade in the morning.

A huge thank you to all of the parents for taking the time and making the effort to produce some amazing costumes, adding to the super day had by all!


Year 3/4 explore Barlaston Downs

On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st March, Year 3 and 4 children visited Barlaston Downs as part of their topic, ‘Rivers and Mountains’. On each day we met staff from Standon Bowers who took a group each to take part in a range of activities.

The children went on a walk along the stream, looking at its different features, most children even went into the water with some even taking some of the water home in their wellies! They mapped shape of the river bed and measured its speed using rubber ducks and a stopwatch. They also did some fishing and there were lots of different animals caught that live in the river.

Everyone had a super time at Barlaston Downs with many saying it was their ‘favourite trip ever’.


Stone Age workshop

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th January, the children in year 3/4 took part in a Stone Age workshop. Across the two days the children took part in a number of activities and learnt lots about the lives of the people who were alive during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

During the archaeology session the children learnt how to be an archaeologist, how to safely dig for artefacts and then clean and categorise them. They studied the artefacts to find out which time period they were from and then from this created their own group museums to show changes through time.

In the technologies session the children learnt how to do a number of jobs that the people would have needed to do during this time period. They made their own arrows using sticks and flint, lashing them together with leather; it was rather tricky! Using a quern stone the children learnt how to grind grain into flour; it was hard work and 35 of them made just enough flour in 45 minutes to make 2 bread rolls!

The children also learnt how to weave and spin wool and created their own bracelets using bronze beads and teeth.  When they weren’t taking part in the workshop the children were completing their art projects, looking at the various cave paintings that have been discovered and also turned one of the Y3/4 cloakrooms into their very own cave, complete with cave drawings! Everyone had a fabulous time and it was a great way to launch our topic.


Y3/4 become miners for the day!

On 8th and 9th November the children in year 3/4 visited Apedale Heritage Museum as part of their current topic on ‘Where in the World are we?’ The children have been learning all about the local coal mining history and this trip enabled them to experience life underground. During the day they took part in 3 activities;

The coal mine! Equipped with helmets and head torches the children ventured underground into a drift mine. They learnt about how the coal has been mined since Victorian times and how tools and equipment have changed. They found out about the different jobs that the miners had to do, how they stayed safe and experienced how dark being in a coal mine would have been.

Apedale Heritage Museum. The children were taken around the museum by the extremely knowledgeable centre volunteers who taught the children more about the mines, the local area, the life of a miner and how coal is formed.

Nature Walk. Walking around Apedale country park, the children learnt about the different animals and insects that can be found there and also where important places in the area are and how they have changed over time.

A fabulous day was had by all involved and the children thoroughly enjoyed their visit, especially their time underground!

Apedale Heritage Centre is a fabulous local attraction. If you would like more information about the centre and the events that take place throughout the year please visit their website.

Or take a look at these leaflets advertising upcoming events there.

Apedale heritage centre leaflet

Apedale valley light railway leaflet

Apedale valley light railway- tracks to the trenches

See Santa by steam at Apedale