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Early Years Learn at Home site:

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We understand how challenging it can be keeping young children’s minds and bodies busy, so here are some ideas for you:

  • practise segmenting (orally spelling) and blending (putting sounds together to say a whole word) words. For example, “What am I saying? b-a-g” and “Which sounds are in the word ‘hot’?”
  • keep reading and creating your own stories, possibly acting them out to make a mini show!
  • play ‘track games’ when children have to count on along a track, such as snakes and ladders or ludo;
  • get active! Play ball games to practise catching, throwing, kicking and hitting a ball with a bat or go for a bike or scooter ride;
  • develop their independence: dressing and undressing, using a knife and fork, washing their hands correctly, being able to wipe their own bottom, tidying away their toys after playing;
  • get creative: bake/cook together, make a model, draw/colour/paint a picture, use household objects to make instruments and sing along, dance to your favourite songs

PLEASE upload photographs or text on Learning Book to show us how your child is developing at home. Staff will be checking your uploads weekly and we love to see how much they are learning at home too!

The Nursery staff have an email address so that you can contact us and we can contact you.

Please make contact with us at (during school hours 8.50am-3pm) so that we have your email address too.

We are here for you and your family, so if you need us don’t hesitate to contact us.

Farm Topic:

If you are able to access Facebook, Mrs Colclough has very kindly found a page called Scott’s Farm Ltd, who provide live feeds, pictures and information about his farm. Take a look! It’s great!