Reception Class Teacher - Miss MorganMiss C Morgan - Reception Class Teacher

Hello! I joined the teaching team at Ravensmead in February 2014. As well as being a Reception teacher, I lead English for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and this year I am also the Foundation Stage Manager.

I have taught classes from Nursery to Year 4 and before teaching I worked as a Senior Nursery Nurse.

I love singing, pretend play and creative activities like painting and making up new stories. My favourite story is ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ by Quentin Blake, because Mrs Armitage is a crazy character and she gets up to crazy things!

I also enjoy playing games in PE lessons and having lots of fun.

024 Miss J Bould - Teaching AssistantReception Class Teacher – Miss Bould

I have been a part of the Ravensmead team since 2010. I recently qualified as a teacher with a specialism in Early Years. I enjoy all things creative, especially painting. Reading stories is an importance in my teaching and my favourite author is Julia Donaldson, I love the way her stories rhyme. I also enjoy sport and teach netball and athletics during after school clubs.




Each week an information sheet will be sent home outlining what the children will be learning in school the following week, as well as detailing the homework. The homework will include a task which will support their learning in school and is usually linked to the current topic. Homework is handed out to the children on a Friday and should be returned into school on the following Wednesday. Topic web sheets will be sent out at the beginning of each half term, explaining how the topic will support the children’s learning in all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum.

We also encourage the children to take home a library book every day to share with you at home. Reading is an essential, life long skill and promoting a love of books at an early age is crucial. Children who read 4 or more books every week are entered into the weekly reading raffle, when they get the chance to win a free book from Mrs Goodall!

Once your child is ready, we will also send home a formal reading book. This will allow your child to practise using their phonic skills to read real words in various story and information books which will be changed weekly.

Letters and Information for Parents/Carers

Reception Parents Info Sheet Autumn A 2019

Learning Book presentation for parents (1)

Diwali Dance Workshop letter Oct 2019

Phonics meeting letter Oct 2019

Reception September 2019

This Friday 13th September was the children’s first Fab Friday and we had lots of fun learning that ‘sharing is caring’: we shared equipment outside and played different board games inside as well as having to share the ipads with each other. We also shared pieces of fruit and and a fruity picnic outside in the sun. The children really enjoyed it! Just take a look…

Reception September 2018

Saving your child’s Learning Book

Please contact Learning Book directly via the website if you wish to save your child’s learning book. The letter below explains how to do this as there is a limited time for you to contact them before your child’s profile is permanently deleted!

Learning Book purchase letter July 19

Blue Planet Aquarium June 2019

The Reception classes, along with Nursery, visited Blue Planet Aquarium to get a close look at the different creatures that live in the water- fresh and salt. The children had an amazing time and got to see the divers feeding the rays and walk through the tunnel and have sharks, rays, eels and lots of different types of fish swim around us!

Let’s Get Physical!

On Fab Friday 10th May, the children developed their physical skills to complete different tasks such as hula hooping, skipping, bowling and stepping. As you can see, the children had a lot of fun getting their muscles working.

Visitors for the topic ‘Pants’

On Wednesday 8th May, Sister Hague visited to talk about her job as a nurse practitioner. She explained the jobs that she does at the Haywood Hospital such as taking X-rays, stitching up wounds and applying bandages. She also brought in some of the equipment that she uses. Some children acted out being ill so that she could show us all what she would do.

On Tuesday 7th May, a dental nurse, Mrs Morgan, came in to talk to the children about her job and how we can look after our teeth. She showed the children some of the equipment that she uses and explained how to brush our teeth – and that we should brush for 2 minutes!

Minibeast display

As part of the ‘Eggs’ topic this spring term, the children painted an insect using plastic models to help them create their realistic pictures: detailing the features such as wings, eyes and patterns on the body. The children also wrote a label (using their phonic knowledge) naming what the insect is and who painted it. Which insects can you find?

Chick, chick, chicken!

On Friday 12th April 2019, Mrs Faulkner brought in her chicks to show us, as her daughter knew that we were learning about eggs and asked if we would like to see them. The children loved them and couldn’t wait to get a closer look.

World Book Day

A huge thank you to everyone who donated money towards World Book Day- in Reception we raised an impressive £130. This money has been well spent on books for the reading scheme as well as books that the children chose to add to the library in our classes- take a look at the fabulous choices the children made!









Easter Service at Audley Methodist Church

On Wednesday 3rd April, the children in Reception and Nursery visited Rev. Joy Ventom to learn more about Easter and why Christians celebrate at this of year. The children sang songs and Rev. Joy gave everyone a palm cross.

Rent a Beast Visit

On Friday 1st March, Carrie brought in her small friends to school to show us. She showed us the eggs that her creatures lay and she also allowed us to handle some of them too. We met different stick insects, a praying mantis, a tarantula, a giant African land snail and some beetle larva. Take a look at the creatures we saw and how brave we were holding them…




Nocturnal Animals

The children were asked to create an owl at home as part of their homework. We had some fantastic owls to display in the classroom.



Sharing stories written by Year 1/2 children

Today, 14th February, the Reception classes were visited by some children from Year 1/2 who wanted to read us their Cinderella stories. The Year 1/2 children had been learning about Cinderella and they were having a ball and wanted to read their new versions of the tale to us. The Reception children were very good listeners!

‘Space’ themed workshop with parents/carers February 2019

On Wednesday 13th February, Reception invited in a family member to complete some ‘out of this world’ activities to show their visitor how good they are at reading and writing, using all of their developing phonic skills. The children were challenged to ‘Guess the Alien’ by reading the clues, ‘Crack the code’ to make an alien name and write about ‘if they were an alien!’

Feathery Friends visit January 2019

On Monday 21st and Thursday 24th January, Feathery Friends came to Ravensmead to teach us more about owls. They explained what owls eat, how they fly and why they are such special birds. The owls even flew close to the children.

The children were fascinated by the birds and loved seeing them ‘for real’!

Christmas 2018

On Wednesday 19th December, Reception enjoyed a fun filled party day. First, we visited Audley Chapel where Rev Ventom retold the story of Jesus’ birth with some help from the children. The children also sang some of the songs they had learnt for the assembly. Then they enjoyed a Christmas party lunch followed by a visit from a familiar festive face- yes, Santa came to Ravensmead!

Then the children party the afternoon away, playing musical statues, musical bumps and other games.


Fab Friday

The children have been learning about the bible story Noah’s Ark. They drew pictures of items that they would choose to take on the ark; practised their fine motor skills as they rescued animals from the rubber bands and created a collage of the ark. They’ve also been learning about feelings. They talked about the different feelings and painted faces on cling film.



As part of Fab Friday, the children we taken to ‘boot camp’ and took part in some marches around school, some different exercises and make poppy biscuits.


Mr Bell’s last week

Mr Bell had a surprise for all of the children on his last week as the headteacher…the ice cream van came and we all got a delicious ice cream! Yummy!


Food, glorious food!

As part of our learning, the children have been making and tasting fruit smoothies. They had to peel and cut the food before it was blended with the milk….

The children also ate porridge as they pretended to be Goldilocks, but they could choose to add a topping of syrup, jam or honey. There wasn’t a drop left on the pot!