Year 5/6 home learning

stay-safe-onlineHello and welcome to the Year 5/6 home learning page. Mrs Webb, Mrs Bond and Mr Heppell will be updating this page regularly with ideas and suggestions for things that you can do at home. Keep your brains and your bodies active! Everyday, try to keep your learning up to scratch by doing an activity that will improve your reading, writing, maths and health/fitness.

The 5/6 staff will have an email address so that you can contact us and we can contact you. We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you’ve been up to, send us your work, photos videos.


Please make contact with us at (during school hours 8.50am-3.15pm) so that we have your email address too.

We are here for you and your family, so if you need us don’t hesitate to contact us.

Life Skills Tasks

Activity Suggestions By Subject

Home Learning suggested timetable

Year 6 Sir Thomas Boughey Transition Tasks

Transition bulletin

English project

Science activity

Guess Who

April’s Happiness Calendar. 

30 actions to help us all look after ourselves and each other.


:-D  Mrs Bond’s Class Story – The Boy at the Back of the Class, click the link to hear our class story, I will add a new video each day.

Mrs Webb’s Class Story - Check it out – see what I’m reading today.

Here is the link to the Friend or Foe audio book. Or watch the film here

Maths Youtube Channel - Recommended by Kaitlyn

Family Film Recommendations - A little list of family films to relax and enjoy

10-4-10 Answer Sheet - Year 6. This is something that is useful to check your answers.(We definitely didn’t forget to include in your Home Learning folder ;-) )

School of Stoke City Competition – Stoke City are creating weekly activities for you to have a go at. These will be a range of different subjects and will involve prizes for the best entries. So why not give it a go?

BorrowBox – this is a great website for accessing library books from home. If you are a member of any library you can activate a free account with BorrowBox and then borrow free eBooks and eAudiobooks. (Thanks to Mia and Mrs Barlow for telling us about this one).



Choose a book to share with an adult. Ask an adult to read to you. Enjoy the story together. You will need to create your own FREE account. This activity is excellent. You should work on this every day.  Have a look at both Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 spellings  (Year 6 only)

Pobble Writing stimulus

SPAG Videos You will need to create your own FREE account


Recommended reads for Y6

Recommended reads for Y5 Register for a free teacher account until 30th July.

English Suggestions Week Beginning 30th March – All Sets

PRESENTATION – Word Class Revision

BOOKLET – Word Class Revision

ANSWERS BOOKLET – Word Class Revision

Watch this paragraphs video

Then read this Presentation

Paragraphing Task easy

Paragraphing Task – harder


White Rose Maths offer a fantastic home learning package. Each lesson has a video that explains the learning, then there is a supporting task with answers. Try to complete a lesson each day; they will help the children to keep on top of their learning in maths. The links are below:

Year 5 White Rose

Year 6 White Rose


Third Space Lots of home learning packs including parents guides and ‘How to’ documents. You will need to create your own FREE account Lots of different types of questions but also links to videos to explain how to answer those that you might find tricky. (Log ins have now been generated, each child has their own individual account so please email your year group teacher to get yours, we currently have a 60 day free trial.)

Daily 10

Maths Questions & Video links  (Year 6 only)

Mrs Webb’s Maths Set – Task Suggestions

Week Beginning 30th March

Column Addition Here is a useful video

Column Subtraction Here is a useful video

Multiplication Here is a useful video

Bus Stop Division Here is a useful video

Try these fractionsworksheets

Have a go at these this week, then email me to let me know how you’re getting on.



Google Sites Create your own website (email us the link after so we can check it out!) You will need to create your own FREE account You will need to create your own FREE account and use the code UKTWINKLHELPS


BBC Bitesize has lots of videos and activities for different science topics.

Science Quizzes


Joe Wicks Workouts Stay Active using videos like in this link

Super Movers Active learning

Cosmic Kids Yoga Keep the mind, body and soul relaxed


Cooking Recipes for kids


Scratch Programming for kids (Also available as an app)

Hopscotch Coding for kids (Also available as an app)

Touch Typing 


DuoLingo - Learn a new language (Also available as an app)


Garageband App Create your own music tracks dudes!