Year 1/2

Mrs Burrows Y1/2 class teacherMrs C Burrows - Class Teacher, KS1 Manager, ICT Co-ordinator

I have been a teacher at Ravensmead Primary School for 16 years and during that time I have taught in years Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, spending the majority of my time in Key Stage 1. I have responsibility for Computing, Online Safety and Key Stage 1 at the moment and have also been responsible for Health and Safety in the past.

One of my favourite things about working here is the lovely atmosphere of the school, where every member of staff and child is valued. I love creative learning and educational visits.


Mrs Hubbard Y1/2 class teacher014 Mrs L Hubbard-Science Co-ordinator, Teacher

I have been lucky enough to have been a teacher at Ravensmead for  years now. I have taught in different year groups, but I have spent the majority of my time in KS1. I also lead science throughout the school and have really enjoyed our annual Science weeks, which the children thoroughly enjoy! I love to watch the children discover something new and question the world around them.

I help to maintain the school garden, with help from members of the Gardening Club and we host the annual Garden Party each year.

I also lead the Science Ambassadors in their work raising the profile of science in the school.


Mrs Coates Y1 class teacherMiss A Bourne - Class Teacher

I began my teaching career at Ravensmead in 2013 and have loved every minute. I have spent the majority of my time in Year 2 and I’ve had a little experience in EYFS but this year I am a Year 1 teacher!  I enjoy teaching because it is such a rewarding job being able to observe children reach different milestones. I also love that every day is different and I look forward to what challenges lie ahead this year!



For Maths the children may move between the Year 1 teachers, according to the stage which they are at in their learning.

English is taught in a cross curricular way with links to the termly topics. We follow the Letters and Sounds synthetics phonics programme and some children will move to smaller groups for focused teaching as required. Some children join our Resilient Roxy group for English, which helps them to build on their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills in a smaller group, whilst building their confidence, resilience and fine motor skills. 

Each day we teach reading and spelling. We are using the Spellzoo materials, as the children are ready, to improve spelling skills during the year.

Topic webs are uploaded termly on this website. Sometimes subjects may be blocked over a period eg during Art Week we would teach specific art skills in order to have a completed product throughout the week.



Homework is set on a weekly basis. Every Friday your child should have a piece of numeracy homework, relating to that week’s work and also new spellings to practice for Friday’s spelling test.

Sometimes children will be given projects to complete linked to the Topic or asked to bring artefacts and books in from home. Children are encouraged to read at least 4 times each week at home and we hope that this will help to foster a love for reading a wide variety of books. We ask for the reading diary to be signed four times a week so that your child can be entered into our weekly raffle, which is drawn during celebration assembly, if their name is chosen from the draw they win a book.



At the end of Year 1, children will be assessed in all subjects including Maths, English and Science. They are assessed as ‘Emerging’, if they are yet to meet the required standard, ‘Expected’ when they have reached all areas in that subject for Year 1 and ‘Exceeding’ if they have met each standard expected in Year 1 and are working at greater depth in some areas.

We administer the national Phonics Screening Check that all Year 1 children take in the Summer Term. Parents and Guardians are invited in to a meeting to explain the format of this check. The child will be judged as either having ’Met the Standard’ or ‘Not met the Required Standard’ in phonics based on the outcome of this check. Parents will be informed of the children’s attainment in the summer term each year.

We expect parents to fully support us by attending parent’s evenings and any other meetings, where we may inform you of the progress of the children, or request any further support that may be required.


Information for parents with children in Year 1/2

Phonics Screening Presentation 2018

Londons Burning Topic Web 2018


Trip to the Brampton Museum

On Friday 6th January 2017, as a part of a topic on toys from the past, all of the year 1 children visited the Brampton Museum. Whilst there they took part in two different workshops.

The first workshop called ‘Out of the Box’, gave the children the opportunity to look at lots of different toys from the past. Then they were able to play with these toys, which included a jack in the box, pecking chickens, Jacobs ladder, cup and ball, spinning top and a musical box. After that they went up into the toy gallery to complete different activities, which included a teddy bear treasure hunt, the children loved this!

The second workshop gave the children the chance to make their own toy out of recycled materials. They had lots of fun making their rubber glove puppet! It was a lovely day and the children made us very proud, with their super behaviour!