Year 2

Mrs Burrows Mrs C Burrows - Class Teacher, KS1 Manager, ICT Co-ordinator

I have been a teacher at Ravensmead Primary School for 16 years and during that time I have taught in years Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, spending the majority of my time in Key Stage 1. I have responsibility for Computing, Online Safety and Key Stage 1 at the moment and have also been responsible for Health and Safety in the past.

One of my favourite things about working here is the lovely atmosphere of the school, where every member of staff and child is valued. I love creative learning and educational visits.


Miss MorganMiss C Morgan - Class Teacher

Hello! I joined the teaching team at Ravensmead in February 2014.

I have taught classes from Nursery to 4 and before teaching I worked as a Senior Nursery Nurse.

I love singing, pretend play and creative activities like painting and making up new stories. My favourite story is ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ by Quentin Blake, because Mrs Armitage is a crazy character and she gets up to crazy things!

I also enjoy playing games in PE lessons and having lots of fun.



All of the children work in mixed ability groups with their class teacher for most of the day. However, when learning Maths and phonics/SPAG the children may move groups according to the stage which they are at in their learning.

English is taught in a cross curricular way with links to the termly topics. The topic webs are uploaded termly on this website. Sometimes subjects may be blocked over a period eg during Art Week we would teach specific art skills in order to have a completed product by the end of the week.

At the end of Year 2, the children are assessed against the national standards (SATs), but this is nothing to worry about as information about expectations and how we gather evidence of the children’s attainment is shared with parents regularly via parents’ evenings and other meetings/workshops.


The priority for homework is for children to read and acquire a love for reading a wide variety of books. The whole school’s aim is for all children to have read at least 4 times a week. Children who achieve this are then entered into the weekly reading raffle when they could win a book to take home.

Topic related activities may be sent home once a term as well as maths activities which will support their learning in class.

Help your child at home




Information for parents with children in Year 2

Potter and Proud Topic Web

London’s Burning Topic Web

Africa Topic Web

Plant it Topic Web

Once upon a time Topic Web

Life’s a Journey Topic Web

End of KS1 guidance for parents Updated 2017

Trip to Crich Tramway Village

On Monday 18th June, all of Year 2 visited Crich to learn more about transport in the past and how it had changed. The children were able to look around the museum and sit in an old tram and they also had a tour guide to explain things. Each child was given a half penny to buy a ticket for a tram ride too- which was the highlight of the day! We all had a very busy and tiring day.

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Easter Celebrations 2018

This Easter the children have been celebrating with Rev. Helen Hoe at Audley Methodist Church and they also invited a guest to the Easter Tea Party, where they shared a handmade egg and cress sandwich! The children tried to grow the cress themselves but they had to cheat and use some from the shop after the children’s cress didn’t grew very successfully…oh dear!



Mad Science

On Tuesday 13th March ‘Mad Science’ came into school to show the children different explosions! After a whole school assembly, Year 2 got to create their own explosions by completing some of their own experiments. They were challenged to push a skewer through a balloon without it popping, make a mini explosion using vinegar and baking powder and they also watched how Mentos mints reacted with a bottle of lemonade! It was great fun!



The children read the story ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’ and made African pancakes. We then decided to choose sweet and savoury toppings for a pancake and voted on the ones we liked best. The winning toppings were then brought (after a lot of research by the children to find the cheapest supermarket to buy them from) and the children ate their creations!


Maths workshop January 2018

A huge thank you to all those who were able to attend the maths workshop on Tuesday 16th January. Parents and children played games and learnt more about how to teach the key skills for place value, addition and subtraction. If you missed the fun, or want to do the activities again, you can check the power point (below in red) and play at home! The handouts that were used can also be viewed below.


2017 Calculations Policy Addition edited for Y2

2017 Calculations Policy Subtraction edited for y2

Maths workshop



London’s Burning Topic

On Thursday 14th December, the Year 2 children retold the story of ‘The Great Fire of London’ to their families, on the stage! All gave a super performance, sang every song (remembering all of the words!) and looked amazing in their costumes.

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On Friday 1st December, Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner’s maid and King Charles II’s brother all came to visit during our theatre workshop. The children were able to recall lots of facts from the topic but also learnt some new facts too. The children acted out events from the Great Fire of London and some got to dress up a little too.

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Call for the Fire Engines…

This week, the children have been following their designs and beginning to create their own model of a fire engine with moving wheels on an axle: just take a look!

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To start our new topic this half term, we have been learning about ‘The Gunpowder Plot’. Ask your child to tell you the story as we have been learning it so that we can retell it from memory, using actions to help us remember.

Model Making

Look at the first stages of our model making for our design and technology work…

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Potter and Proud Day

On Friday 13th October, everyone in Year 2 (even the staff) dressed up as a potter and looked amazing! So many super outfits and the children joined in with different activities such as reciting poems about the Potteries, tasting tea in their own mugs and dancing to Robbie William. We even had a Potteries inspired lunch of oatcakes and lobby.

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Harvest Celebrations

On Monday 9th October, Year 2 joined Year 1 for a Harvest service with Rev. Hoe at Audley Methodist Church. She told us a story about a scarecrow and explained how the children’s donated money was going towards a ‘Milk & Honey’ fund to buy people in Pakistan goats and bees so that they can have their own food to eat and sell.

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Trip to Gladstone Pottery Museum, September 2017

To help with our topic ‘Potter and Proud’, we visited Gladstone to see how ‘Stokies’ used to make the different wears. We even got to look inside a bottle oven which would have been used over 100 years ago. We learnt a lot in 1 day!

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Trip to Hanley Museum

Year 2 had a super trip at Hanley Museum Tuesday 18th July. We had fun making clay pots and puppets and loved looking around the museum.


Trip to Ford Green Hall

The children met Samuel Pepys who told us all about his job in the Navy and used a few children to re-enact his experience in 1666 during The Great Fire of London. We had a tour around the 400 year old building and learnt lots about how houses were made in the 1600s, what it was like to have no electricity or a running tap!

We found out that the phrase ‘sleep tight’ comes from when people used to use rope instead of wooden slats on their beds and so if they were not pulled tight you would wake up on the floor, so make sure you sleep ‘tight’!


Christmas baking

Year 2 have been having lots of fun this week, making and decorating Christmas biscuits.

Take a look at the photographs below to see all the fun they’ve got up to.


Our Assembly

Year 2 had their assembly this week which was all about their topic ‘The Potteries’. They spoke about local people and places as well as telling us about some history of our city. The assembly also had a dance to local singer Robbie William’s song ‘Candy’ and the children also sang another of his famous hits ‘Angels’.

They performed the assembly to the whole school as well as parents and grandparents, impressing both of their audiences with everything they have learnt.


Our Trip to Ford Green Hall

The children learned all about how different herbs and plants were used and even tasted a chive flower! Yum!

We learned about what houses used to be made out of. Stuart and Tudor houses were made out of Wattle and Daub but this was soon put to an end by King Charles II after The Great Fire of London



We had fun dressing up as Samuel Pepys




We found out that in the 1600s they didn’t have mattresses and slept on rope which had to be pulled tight to lift them off the floor and that is where the saying ‘sleep tight’ comes from!