Special Educational Needs

Ravensmead Primary School aims to promote a love of learning within a safe and happy environment which meets the needs of all children in our care, regardless of age, race, gender and special educational needs. At the forefront are the objectives outlined in “Every Child Matters”, building an environment where children want “To be the best that we can be”. We provide a creative and challenging curriculum in order to encourage the children’s confidence and self esteem.

Our definition of Special Educational Needs (SEN) is in line with the Staffordshire Criteria for SEN provision as identified in the Staffordshire Inclusion Strategy document. The children meeting these criteria are those to whom this policy document refers. Children not meeting these criteria but presenting learning or behaviour difficulties significantly higher than their peers but outside of the Staffordshire criteria will be provided with a differentiated curriculum and intervention programmes suitable to their needs. Such children will not be placed on the SEN register and shall not be referred to as having SEN.

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