History and Geography

Geography Co-ordinator – Mrs Lockett

History Co-ordinator – Mrs Coates

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Early Years Foundation Stage

All areas of the curriculum are addressed through the seven Areas of Learning in the Foundation Stage. This is implemented by planning in a cross curricular approach, allowing children to either access them as a child initiated activity or an adult-led activity.


History and Geography Curriculum

At Ravensmead Geography and History is taught in a Cross Curricular approach. Pupils are taught different skills in the Geography and History Curriculum.

Before each new topic pupil voice is carried out in each class and the children share their thoughts and express ideas about what they would like to find out and learn. As part of the introduction to each new topic a WOW factor is used to encourage children with their learning. This may be a visitor, educational visit or a themed day. The children will then engage in first hand learning experiences throughout the topic. The topic will then be concluded with an exciting finale.