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Maths Co-ordinator – Mrs Vicky Bond

Link Governor – Mrs Dylis Cornes


Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Early Years Foundation Stage children access the area of learning; Mathematics through child choice and adult directed activities throughout the week. In our Nursery setting there is a designated day/days where Mathematics is a focus, with carpet sessions and activities linked to this area of learning. This is still accessible too, in the week through child choice activities.

In the Reception classes, once the children have settled into the setting there will be a Mathematics carpet session 4 out of the 5 days. Throughout the week all of the children will work with the teacher completing an adult directed activity, linked to the carpet sessions in the week. In addition there will be Mathematic based child choice activities for the children to access independently.

Assessments are made through observations and photographs, which are placed in the children’s learning logs. In the Reception class the children do work in their Mathematics exercise book.

Maths Curriculum

At Ravensmead Primary School the children are taught maths for 1 hour everyday. The teaching of mathematics in our school is done in sets, children are set according to their ability within their key stage settings, across KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2, which enables teachers to teach and support children much more effectively. Children are taught at the stage that they are working at rather than the year group that they are in, which means that we are able to meet the needs of our children in maths, enabling them to make good progress.

The use of practical activities and links to real life is essential to the development of mathematical understanding and so we strive to make maths lessons as interactive and meaningful as possible at all times.

Assessment of maths takes place formally 3 times a year with Year 2 and Year 6 children taking part in the national tests (SATS) at the end of the academic year. Children in all years complete a standardised test at the end of each term which helps to inform teacher assessments. Alongside formal testing, teachers are continuously assessing what their children are doing in order to extend and consolidate learning, adapting and changing lessons and planning to support children’s development. At the end of the year teachers use their continuous assessment to support their judgements on how the children have achieved against their end of year expectations.

Our current, up to date maths policy and calculation policy, have been written in line with the new curriculum.


Children’s ‘I can…’ statements for each stage

FS and Stage 1 Maths I can

Stage 2 Maths I can

Stage 3 Maths I can

Stage 4 Maths I can

Stage 5 Maths I can

Stage 6 Maths I can