R.E and P.H.S.E.E

RE and PSHEE Co-ordinator – Mrs WestonRavensmead 074

Link Governor – Alex Hire


Early Years Foundation Stage

All areas of the curriculum are addressed through the seven Areas of Learning in the Foundation Stage. This is implemented by planning in a cross curricular approach, allowing children to either access them as a child initiated activity or an adult-led activity.



At Ravensmead RE is planned from the Staffordshire syllabus which, whenever possible is linked to topics or may be taught discretely. We aim to teach the children mainly about Christianity and then the other major world religions. We are aware that we are preparing the children for life in a multi-cultural society and want them to have knowledge and respect for other cultures. We make visits to enhance learning whenever possible and have close links with the Methodist Chapel and St James Church. We now have a multicultural art week which is extremely exciting for the children –they get to do such things as bangra dancing, African drumming and cooking multicultural treats.

PSHEE- Personal, social, health and economic education is linked to the SEAL programme (social, emotional attitudes to learning) and circle time is delivered regularly. Assemblies will link RE and PSHEE and visitors often deliver assemblies.

PSHEE underpins everything that takes place at Ravensmead as we aim for our children to be “ The Best That We Can Be.”



During the Academic year 2014-2015 Ravensmead will take advice from many areas and continue to develop its Assessment Policy. The assessment of pupils learning during the lesson continue to be vital.