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Dear Parents/Carers

I hope that you are well and that you and your families have been able to keep warm during this cold snap. I thought that it would be helpful to inform you of a number of school issues and events.


School Calendar for the Second Half of the Academic Year

Your child will have today been given a copy of the planner, taking us from our return on Monday 26th February until Thursday 19th July which is the last day of the academic year for pupils. We try very hard to make this an accurate record but there will always remain some challenges, for example where we indicate that After School Clubs start and finish sometimes there are exceptions such as Climbing Club or sporting fixtures.

Dates for your diary might include Monday June 6th when, for the first time, we are attempting Early Years/Key Stage 1 Sports day in the morning and Key Stage 2 Sports day in the afternoon with a reserve date of Friday June 8th . Key Stage 1 performances are Tuesday 17th July and Wednesday 18th July.


School Workshops and Curriculum Information Meetings

We do hope that parents of our Nursery and Reception classes have enjoyed our recent Maths Workshops, they were certainly well attended. Mrs Goodall has been communicating with parents of Reception children and we hope that you are starting to enjoy the Learning Books which provide an attractive record of your child’s learning.

We try very hard to accommodate working families and, where possible, arrange meetings both during the day and early evening and, as you know, we regularly ask for parents’ feedback. Parents who attended last week’s Year 1 Phonics Information Workshop told us that they found these sessions particularly helpful. At all times we would encourage you to join us in partnership to support your child’s learning and, as with the Residential Information Evenings, we will always try to forward paperwork and information given out at these sessions. It is, however, much more powerful if you can possibly attend. You will be aware also that we regularly put this information onto the school website for your reference.


Nursery September 2018

The Governors have decided that our arrangements for children entering our Nursery from September 2018 will continue to be a flexible offer. In the first instance parents can use their 15 hours entitlement in a flexible way across the week. This year some parents have chosen mornings or afternoons, where others have combined full days and half days. Pupils entering our Nursery will need to be aged 3 by 31st August 2018. The closing date to submit applications is 5th March 2018 and the best way to make your application is online at If you know of any local families who may wish to apply for a place at Ravensmead please direct them to this website or for further information please ask at the school office. You may have seen our posters round the school. There is a potential that around about the end of May we revisit the offer and some places may become available for more than 15 hours, but this is yet to be determined.


Parking and Dropping Off

It is my belief that the front of school is now a much safer place for all families and staff, this is down to your consideration and support in this matter. We continue to be grateful to Audley Football Club for allowing us access to their car park in the morning and the afternoon and I would encourage you to use it. It is only on rare occasions when the conditions are too icy that we do not use this facility for obvious reasons. Can I once again remind you to park courteously in the street, avoiding blocking the drives of our local residents and not to turn in the school entrance. These arrangements include the times when parents drop off or collect from our Nursery. If you are asking another family member to collect your child could I ask you to reiterate these measures to them?

Once again it was possible to keep the school open following the overnight snow fall, thank you for your help in this matter but if I could remind you that a number of cars found it difficult to grip outside the school on Chapel Street and, therefore, if possible when snow or ice is down could you avoid this bottom road.


Smoking Outside School

We have had a number of complaints recently from parents who have been unable to collect their children without walking through a cloud of smoke. Could I politely request that if you need to smoke outside school you do so well away from any pedestrian traffic.



Last Wednesday, in assembly we went through procedures with all our children to explain what measures we will take if indeed “a dangerous dog” was to visit the school. This was a challenging task to explain to children of 4 years of age, those of 11 years of age and everyone in between. For the first time on Thursday we practised this procedure and clearly there is a great deal to learn and adjustments to be made in the future. No one wishes to predict this type of eventuality but, in general, safety measures need to be planned and practised in advance. I must say how sensible and responsive the whole school community was to this first necessary practice.


Online Payment System

We have had demonstrations from companies offering these types of money transfers for trips, you may be familiar with this type of arrangement if you have children in other schools. We have received positive feedback and will shortly be trialling one system for a Year 3/4 trip.


Parent Governor Election

At some point in the future we will organise an election for a Parent Governor vacancy and, therefore, you may wish to consider this rewarding position. More details will be given nearer the time.

Mr D Bell