Ravensmead Roving Reporters


18th May 201

This week four of our best teachers went sky diving to raise money for dementia research. Their names were Mrs Hubbard, Mrs Bond, Miss Morgan, Mrs Russell and Mr Webb (our school Governor). They raised a wopping £4229. We interviewed Mrs Hubbard, one of the brave skydivers, who answered a few of our questions.

We asked;

Was it scary?
It was very scary before we did it.

How did you feel when you were falling?
It felt as if you were floating on a soft, fluffy cloud.

How was the experience?
Amazing I would definitely do it again.

How did you feel when you touched the floor?
It was a soft landing and I felt exhilarated. I wanted to jump back in the plane and do it all all over again.

We are all really proud of the teachers for jumping out of a plane and also raising so much money for charity.



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