Ravensmead Roving Reporters

27th April 2017

Before the Easter holidays Year 4 went on a residential to Stanley Head. They went for three days and two nights. We interviewed Nina about the experience.

What was your favourite part of your stay at Stanley Head ?
We did some good activities, archery and crate stacking were my favourite. I got up to 16 crates with my partner Sophie.

What was it like on your first night?
We told lots of stories and played games. Everyone was excited and it was really late when we fell asleep.

Was it your first overnight stay away from home without your family?
No, but it was for some of the children in our dormitory.

What was the weather like?
It was a bit cold but yet it was sunny as well.

Did you find out anything new about yourself?
I found out that I’m very good at archery, I hit the target 4 times.

Did you do anything that you haven’t done before?
Yes, archery and crate stacking.

Did you have to do any jobs?
My team did cleaning the classroom after every meal.

What was the food like?
I liked most of the food and we got lots of treats……

Would you recommend Stanley Head to the year 3’s?
Yes its very good and I enjoyed it.

You can see the some pictures on Year 4 Residential to Stanley Head.


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