Ravensmead Roving Reporters

Y5/6 Think Tank trip.

On Tuesday Years 5/6 went to a fun museum called Think Tank. It is a place which has different attractions that make you think. We found out lots of information about the body, wildlife, world war 2, mechanics and space. We had lots of fun exploring and finding out new things but the main favourite had to be the outside fun area. There were jets of water shooting up and we had to try balance plastic balls on top. There was also a giant hamster wheel and I (Sharntae) did 32 rotations in total. Then we went to the pull ups, where you could lift yourself up high on a seat using a pulley system. We also played with a ball maze where we had to twist and turn cranks to make the balls manoeuvre around the labyrinth of pipes and metal spirals.

There was also a room called the Edison classroom where we tested force, friction and magnets. We had to see how far certain objects could slide over wood with the same force pushing it. We also tested which metals would attach to magnets, we tested: iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, copper, paper, plastic, brass and wood. Surprisingly only the iron and steel were magnetic.

A lot of the children bought putty, slime and other souvenirs from the gift shop. We all had a really good day.





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