Ravensmead Roving Reporters

Kitchen Sink Science Shows 

On Tuesday 14th March, a scientist came into our school to show us some experiments. Here are some of the experiments he showed us:  how water is more powerful than air and that you can make a fountain just out of 2 and a half plastic bottles,plastic tubes and water with coloured dye. He also made mini hot-air balloons out of bin-liners, wire, a mini foil pie tray and fuel. He was very fun and had lots of exciting stories about how he found out these ideas. One of the other experiments that he did was where he had a tub of marshmallows with a vacuum lid and a suction pipe. When he took the air out of the jar, the marshmallows expanded but when he opened the jar, taking the lid off, they shrank back to their original size. All the children enjoyed the show.


Bike Ability

Earlier this week, the year 5’s did Bike Ability.

We asked Alysha some questions:

What was bike ability like?
It was easy but you had to listen very carefully.

Did you enjoy it?
I really enjoyed it and I was really excited before it happened.

Did you ever feel like you would fall off?

Did you learn something new?
Yes, I learnt how to ride my bike safely.

Do you think you would remember all you have learnt?


Science Day 

On Wednesday we had the best day ever. The whole school had Science Day and each class had fun doing experiments.

In Year 1 and 2 they made chocolate nests and slime. They have been baking bread, making meringue and seeing how hard egg shells are.

Year 3 and 4 have been making lava lamps, ice-cream, Coke and Mentos rockets, bags go boom, volcanoes, rainbow rain, foamy potions and speed boats.

Year 5 and 6 made slime that turned out like Styrofoam, they danced the three states of matter (two of our Roving Reporters did the Waltz!)





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