Ravensmead Roving Reporters

Nursery and Reception children had fabulous fun at their Maths workshop

Hello and welcome back to the Roving Reporters page where we post onto the web about what’s been going on inside of school.

On Tuesday there was a Nursery workshop. At the workshop the teachers set up lots of fun activities to do. All the children loved it especially because their parents were allowed to come to school. Their favourite activity was mainly playing with cars with ramps and tubes, trying to get their car to travel the furthest, but they loved all of it. They all had fifteen minutes outside and 15 minutes inside but their favourite was playing outside.

The next day the Reception classes had a similar workshop with different activities. It was about shapes, space and measurement which are part of the maths curriculum. They also played inside and outside. We asked two children what their favourite activity was, they both said the mud pie kitchen where they make mud pies whilst the parents watch (probably too scared to do it.) They told us that they enjoyed going on the vehicles outside and making shapes with ribbon inside.


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