Ravensmead Roving Reporters

11th January 2017

Hello, welcome back to Roving Reporters where we post information about what is going on in school.

The other day we got a truly marvellous letter  from a boy called Ronaldo.

He sent a picture of himself all the way from Greenland.

On the back of his picture it tells us that he is sending this picture all around the world, hoping that people will send photos back to him so he can see when it has been. It is a competition in his class to see how many places each child’s picture can visit.

Ronaldo also sent some information about where he lives.

Our favourite paragraph says;

‘Along the way there is ample opportunity to discover the wildlife, which includes reindeer, foxes and hare and also many different species of birds. In the sea around Kangaatsiaq, many species of marine mammals live, such as harp seals, humpback whales and minke whales.

We have written a reply back to him, telling him a bit about us and our school along with a photo of us and Mr Bell holding his picture.