Ravensmead Roving Reporters

2nd February 2017

DSCN2944This week our school choir went to Young Voices in Manchester Arena. This arena is huge with lots of sections of seats with stairs between them. In the middle of the arena there was a stage where people sang wonderful songs which was a delight to their ears. We interviewed Zachary, Evelyn and Jessica and this is what they said.

Jessica said it was a mind blowing experience. Zachary said he was amazed by the size of the arena when they first walked in.  Evelyn said she would go again tomorrow if she could.

They told us that they felt confident about singing in front of a large audience. There were over 8000 children in the choir and over 2000 in the audience.

The children told us that the bus was noisy on the way to Manchester because there was the thrill of adventure in the air. All the children were very excited. On the way home it was a lot quieter as everyone was tired. They didn’t get back to school till after 10.30!

When we asked what their favourite song to perform was, all three said Sing!

Their favourite artists were the Beatbox Collective, the street dancers and Sharlene Hector but their favourite part of the experience was being part of the largest children’s choir in the world.


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