Ravensmead Roving Reporters

15th November 2016  

Year 5/6 trip to the civic offices.

When we arrived at the civic offices we went through the building into the circle, which is a massive confronce room with lots of chairs inside of it . Then we met the Mayor and I sat next to him. We talked about what roles we were to do. There was a variety of roles.

The Civic Offices are 800 years old and until now and until now there have never been any female mace holders. A mace holder is a body guard of the mayor and is always with him in meetings. When we went to a meeting of our own, the first thing we spotted was their logo which was in latin. It was fun to learn what the logo meant.

After that we found ourselves in the mayors private office where we saw a large trophy box. We also saw many different rare items that the former mayors had passed down so people can remember them.