Ravensmead Roving Reporters

Thursday 20th October 2016

This week Year 2 did an assembly in front of parents about their topic.

We interviewed Alysha, Finley, Rebecca and Charlotte.

What topic are you learning about?

A potter and proud

What was your favourite part of the assembly?

Standing up and speaking and singing the Angels song.

How did you feel standing up in front of all those people?

Scared and nervous but happy at the same time

Did you enjoy it?

Yes, we had a really good time

What has been you favourite part of the topic so far?

Going to Gladstone pottery museum where we went into a bottle kiln. Making and painting tiles and making a bit of pottery for ourselves.

Tomorrow we break up for a week so we won’t be reporting next week.

Have a happy holiday.

Archie and Sharntae.