Ravensmead Roving Reporters

Thursday 13th October 2016

roving-reporters-logoLast week all the year 6 went to Standon Bowers.

The activities were,

  • Shelter Building
  • Scrambling – which is where we rock climbed up a big hill
  • Mountain walk
  • Caving
  • Low ropes – where we climbed across a vast obstacle course
  • High rope – where we jumped off a big building in a harness and did crate stacking
  • Ground maps – where we had to find certain things
  • A local walk – where we touched an electric fence, ate nettles and damsons
  • Climbing
  • Archery
  • BMX biking -where we rode a bike across a bumpy, twisty track
  • Lots of evening activities including man hunt which is pretty much hide and seek tag and laughing at Mr Greens dancing.

It was the best fun we have ever had and we enjoyed it very much. Take a look at Y6 visit to Standon Bowers for more information and photos.

Our next update will be Thursday 20th October so stay tuned for more Roving Reporting.