Ravensmead Roving Reporters

Monday 2nd October

imageHi I’m Jake and I’m partnering up with Harrison as this years Roving Reporters. This week we had a special assistant, Jamie also helped write this report.

There are have been lots of trips recently and we asked the children a bunch of questions about where they went and why.

Year 3/4 went for walk around Audley as part of their topic (Where in the world are we?) They learned about the past and what things used to be around Audley. Will enjoyed looking at the gravestones in the church yard. Yuraj said the most exciting bit of the trip was finding out where the castle used to be. Layla told us that pigs used to live in Leddy’s field. Isabel told us that they saw an air raid siren on top of a building.

Year 2 went to Gladstone Pottery Museum and found out lots of amazing facts about pottery. Harry and Martha told us that the most exciting bit of the trip was going inside a bottle kiln. They decorated plates and made clay tiles.

Year 1 went to Trentham Gardens. They made class bears, called Rainbow and Happy. Ava and Connor told us they walked around the gardens and woods and saw big fountains and flowers. Their favourite part of the trip was doing the barefoot walk and feeling the water and mud on their feet.