Ravensmead Roving Reporters

Thursday 8th June 2017

On Tuesday 6th of June the Mrs Russell’s English class were part of The Tempest play at the New Vic. They had been practising their scenes for weeks and were really looking forward to getting to perform to the other schools. There were six local schools participating in this event and they each got to perform a certain amount of scenes in the play. They wore costumes which were black trousers and different coloured tops depending on which characters they were.

Leading up to the performance, they watched The Royal Shakespeare Company perform The Tempest at Springhead Primary School and had lots of discussion in class about the play and did many rehearsals.

Everyone enjoyed doing drama, we asked two pupils what they liked best about it, Dominic replied ‘I enjoyed being a soldier and dragging Prospero off the stage.’ Mille told us that she enjoyed watching the other schools perform, especially Springhead as she thought their scene was really good. She also said she enjoyed being part of such a big production.


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