Brazil Day

On Thursday 28th June, the children in year 3/4 took part in a ‘Brazil Day’ to bring their most recent topic to a close. The day entailed learning about the Amazon rainforest and the animals that live there and also creating their own music scores using a range of percussion instruments. The children then performed their compositions to the rest of the class.

In addition to their work in class the children also took part in a workshop with Mika and Mike from ‘Art Brasil.’ Each of the three classes learnt about a different city during their workshop time, learning a dance, songs and drumming rhythms from that particular area. They learnt how to play the timbre drum as well as the tambourine hand drum.

At the end of the day the children then shared their drumming performances with the rest of the school during an assembly. A great day was had by everyone involved and it was lovely to see so many colours around to add to the bright, sunny day.