British Science Week at Ravensmead

The children have been involved with lots of different activities during Science Week.

Years 1 – 6 took part in a Fire and Ice Workshop in the hall. This was great and had some real ‘Wow factor’. Jupiter Jack, the presenter, was fantastic and definitely made the science come alive!

On Friday, some of the high school children came down to work with some of our youngest children in reception and nursery. They used microscopes, circuit building, looking at onion cells and static electricity. Thank-you to our Science Ambassadors for helping out during the science workshop: Finley, Leo, William, Melody, Teagan, Lana, Reece and Sophie.

Working scientifically is essential in the children’s learning and so we have been looking closely at the progress in each year group and how the scientific skills develop. What better way to do this than investigating biscuits?! From Nursery to Y6 all of the children have observed, compared and measured and presented their findings in a way that shows clear progression. From nursery investigating dog biscuits by using scientific words and drawing simple pictures, to our Y6 children investigating whether the amount of sugar affected the dunking times and using independent, dependent and controlled variables.