Good bye and thank you Mrs Griffiths

DSC04786After 27 years at Ravensmead Mrs Griffiths has decided that it is time for her to retire.

Most of these years have been spent as a Teaching Assistant. This has placed her in the unique position of ‘teaching’ and getting to know every child (and many of their parents) in the school.

Mrs Griffiths has been there when you have nervously handed over your precious son or daughter at the door.  She has been there to reassure you and your child.  She has had the keys to the “spare knicker” drawer all these years and she has been the one to seek out for the plaster (when we were allowed them) to cover the grazed knee or elbow.

For many years she gave up 24 hours a day whilst accompanying hundreds of children in a range of Residentials so valued by pupils and parents.

Sue Griffiths has now decided to spend more time with her new family and we wish her well and thank her for her massive contribution to the Ravensmead story. 

On behalf of those many hundreds of pupils past and present at Ravensmead Sue, thank you. You will be greatly missed by all your many friends here.

In a special assembly on the last day of term pupils and staff joined together to sing one of Sue’s favourite songs with new lyrics specially written for Sue.