Goodbye & Thank you Mr Bell

Mr D Bell - HeadteacherAfter 14 years at Ravensmead Primary School Mr David Bell has decided that it is time for him to retire. Mr Bell joined Ravensmead in April 2004 as the permanent Headteacher and has over the years led the school to become an inclusive school in the local community, a school that will try their “best” to support all children. Mr Bell, himself, states that;

“Crucially for me was the fact that Governors appear to share a vision, a fully inclusive school for local families, where academic achievement was valued equally alongside musical, physical, spiritual and emotional intelligence. A place where parents would have no doubt that our first priority would always be to care for their child, keep them safe and to teach them a broad curriculum in the best possible environment with the most talented and caring staff”.

Through his leadership at Ravensmead, with the support of the Governing Body, working closely with all members of staff, and families, he has developed an ethos where children are nurtured, giving them first hand experiences to inspire their learning, encouraging children to engage.

In Ravensmead’s recent OFSTED report (March 2017) it was recognised that “The leadership team had maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. The school has continued to improve because of your strong leadership and determination for the whole school community to ‘be the best that we can be’”.

Mr Bell is extremely popular and staff, not only, here at Ravensmead but countywide have the utmost respect for him. He has led the school in an exemplary manner and thousands of children have benefited from his wonderful and unique teaching and leadership. He has an enormous love of children and will be greatly missed by us all.

Thank you Mr Bell, for all of your guidance, support and care that you have given to all of the children you have ever taught and the staff that you have helped to nurture into teachers who love the profession.

We would like to wish Mr Bell all the best for his retirement.