Home Learning and Transition

Transition Pages

If your child is joining us in Nursery and Reception, have a look at our transition pages here 

If your child is moving into Year 1 and 2, click here

Children moving into Year 3,4,5 and 6, click here



keep-calmLearn at home

The following links contain a list of useful websites for Home Learning. Please check this page regularly as it will be updated with new links and work to aid home learning.

Please note, some of these require parents to sign up for an account.

Nursery home learning

Reception home learning

Year 1 home learning

Year 2 home learning

Year 3/4 home learning

Year 5/6 home learning


Behaviour at home

Free Guide features 9 Tips for Helping Your Child Manage their Emotions and Behaviour at Home

It’s a short, easy-to-read download that covers:

  • Setting up positive routines in the home
  • The importance of being active
  • Setting and sticking to boundaries
  • Balancing screen time with other activities
  • Coaching children through strong emotions
  • …and more!