Important letter regarding winter weather and KS2 performance

Weather and Performances Update

Thank you for your support with regard to keeping the school open this morning.  Well over 80% of our pupils were able to attend.   We only had a couple of parents using the bottom road outside school and this helps massively, please remember to use the top road only.

We have looked at the weather forecast and we are concerned that overnight temperatures are predicted to drop to as low as -10 degrees.  The forecast also indicates that the temperature during tomorrow is unlikely to rise sufficiently to remove all the ice and snow.  With this in mind we have decided the following…..

Key Stage 2 School Performance

Tomorrow’s performances will now be postponed until 9.30am for Grandparents on Thursday morning and 6.30pm for others on Thursday evening (weather permitting).  At the moment the morning and evening performances on Wednesday are still planned to go ahead as the forecast predicts a warmer day.

Possible School Closure Tuesday December 12th

As you know, with your support, we will always attempt to keep school open however we do have to take seriously the overnight forecast.  We will attempt to text you with a decision of either open or closed by 7.15am tomorrow morning.  We hope this early decision will enable you to put arrangements in place.  Families using the Care Club should always contact Sylvia Binns directly on 07813 679706, but if the school closes Care Club will also close am and pm.

There are many factors to consider before deciding whether or not to close the school and this decision is never straight forward but must be taken on the best available information at the time.  We will always attempt to keep the areas around school as clear and as safe as possible, within reasonable expectations of time and personnel, BUT you must decide whether or not you are happy with these arrangements and also satisfied that your local roads and pavements are safe for you and your families to use.

You may not be aware, particularly if you are a new parent, that the Old Road, Chapel Street is not on the Borough Council gritting route and, once again, I would ask you to make representation to the Council to have this amended.  You will have noted that my Caretaker and I attempt to clear the areas including the zebra crossing but I am sure you understand that we cannot be held responsible for this work not taking place or indeed not being as comprehensive as one might wish.  Decisions to drop your child off at school must be made on this basis.

Other School Events Before The End of Term

At this time all other events in terms of assemblies and visits to Church etc will go ahead as planned unless we contact you beforehand. Stardome and Apedale events will be rearranged.

D Bell (Headteacher)