Ravensmead choir perform at Audley Theatre

On Saturday 1st July, our choir performed two songs in the Music thru’ the Decades show at Audley Theatre. They sang  Skye Boat Song and ‘When I Grow up’ from Matilda.

It was a sell out show with all proceeds going to Douglas Macmillan Hospice and was a fantastic experience for the children to perform on stage in such a wonderful venue.

They were superstars and we’re really proud of them!

Here’s what Ruby had to say about it:

On 1 July we did a performance at Audley Theatre. I did a performance with my dance group called Imagine Dance and sang with the school choir – it was an amazing day. The choir sang “when I grow up “and “speed bonny boat “, at the end we all came on stage and took a bow. The audience was huge! The choir and dance class shared a dressing room. We could see everything on the big TV in our room. We stayed there until 10pm and had lots to play with and lots of snacks like cakes and sweets. We also had board games like Name 5 and we colouring books. The people who took part where Tiffany, Scarlett, Nina, Alfie, Yuraj, Molly, Adam, Ruby, Evelyn, Zoe, Charlotte, Layla, Daisy, Anna, Emily, Liam and Mia. It was a great experience, I would definitely do it again. Thank you to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Webb, Mrs Barlow and Miss Neath for taking us there.