‘Real life’ maths at Jaguar Land Rover

On the 15th June, 15 of the year 6 children visited the Engine Management Centre at Jaguar Land Rover in Wolverhampton. The day was designed to show how maths is used in industry and for the children to see first hand how maths is used in ‘real life.’

The day comprised of 3 main activities, starting with a maths quiz which centred around the work done by Jaguar Land Rover. The children then learnt about the equipment used to measure parts for the engines, they discussed the use of micrometres and the reasons why measurements have to be so precise. The children were then able to try out the equipment and spend time using gauges and Vernier’s to measure prototypes of the engine crank, block and head. Afterwards they had a tour of the factory where they saw how the engines are built and the way in which the production lines and robots work throughout. In the afternoon it was competition time. Each group were given a budget and the costing for 3 pieces of engineering, they had to cost out each, work out which one was within their budget and then use the various cogs, cranks, shafts and leavers to build their model. Well done to team one, led by Logan, who won the competition.

A great day was had by all and a huge thank you to Andy from ‘Key Financial Associates’ for helping towards the transport costs of the trip.