Reception cookery club

12 of our Reception children recently enjoyed taking part in cookery club. Each week they made a new dish –

Week 1 – Little jam tarts.
Week 2 – Chunky egg cookies.
Week 3 – Homemade pizza baguettes.
Week 4 – Shredded wheat Easter nests.
Week 5 – Shortbread Easter biscuits.

All children were taught basic food hygiene, preparation, hand washing, wearing an apron and a clean working area, how to correctly measure and weigh ingredients and how to correctly mix them together.  Lots of fun was had each week, the children had the following to say about cookery club…

Charlie: “I loved the cookies”.
Sonny: “I like making pizza”.
Annie: “We learnt how to put flour and sugar in the bowl”.
Lottie: “I enjoyed cooking club.  We made cookies”.
Joy: “I loved putting cheese on pizza”.
Thomas: “I loved making Easter biscuits with flour, butter and sugar”.
James: “I loved the jam and shared them with my family”.
Ava: “We made delicious biscuits and I ate 2!”
Orla: “I shared the vanilla cookies with my sister Daisy”.
Reuben: “ I loved the pizzas with tomato on top”.

The club is already full for Summer A with 14 children waiting to start, and many of the above children have asked to return in Summer B.

A very big thankyou to Mrs Ashley, Mrs Benson and Mrs Brough for their help each week. Mrs Brough also handmade 12 aprons for the children to wear.