Statistics week

Across the school this week we have had a focus on statistics. Classes have been including handling data skills throughout the day, across all different lessons; from PE to D&T, topic to English. Lots of interesting and exciting things have been taking place, here a just a few of them.

In Nursery and Reception the children have been recording their favourite pancake toppings using tally charts and have also linked their work to the Winter Olympics, recording their favourite winter sports.

Year 1
In year one they have been collecting data to find out what their favourite toys are, recording the information as a pictogram and have also recorded their favourite pancake toppings but this time as a block graph.

Year 2
In year two the children have also had pancakes as their area of focus, linking their work to their current Africa topic and creating their own African pancakes. They have used a range of recording charts including pictograms, tally charts and block graphs and have created tables to record the prices of ingredients enabling them to choose the best supermarket to shop in.

Year 3/4
In year 3/4 the children’s work on statistics has been linked to their science and history topics. They have investigated the best rocks for tools and roofs to give advice to Stone Age people, recording their findings as tables, tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. The children have also examined soil samples to identify what soil is made of. Finally the children examined ‘Stone Age Poo’ to determine the foods eaten by different Stone Age characters; an interesting morning! Throughout the week the children have worked really hard to also improve their interpretation skills, using the data that hey collected to answer questions and write letters to give advice to others.

Year 5/6
The children in year 5/6 have been using their PE lessons to collect data for a project this week. They have conducted a number of circuits recording their achievements. They then presented their data using pictograms, bar charts, pie charts and line graphs looking for trends across the class and comparing their own data to these trends. The children also continued to work on their interpretation skills identifying what their data showed.