Weekly Achievements

Find out who won the reading raffle this week. Want to know which class read the most? Who impressed teachers to become Mathematician of the Week?

Well done to everyone presented with an award in our Celebration Assembly on 22nd September 2017.

Award This weeks winning class/pupil
Whole School Attendance 95.6%
Best Class Attendance Y2M
KS1 Reading Raffle
(The chance to win a book if you have read at least four times a week at home.)
KS2 Reading Raffle
Class who read the most this week
Writer of the Week (Foundation Stage) Charlie
Writer of the Week (KS1) Coral
Writer of the Week (KS2) Cole & Jamie
Mathematician of the week (Foundation Stage)
Mathematician of the week (KS1) Lucie
Mathematician of the week (KS2) Aiden
Happy Lunchtime Award for good behaviour Fay, Max, Tom & Isabella
Fine Diner Award Amelia-Lily, Mia, Matthew & Fletcher