Year 3/4 cinema trip

On Wednesday 28th March, as a way of bringing their Spring term topic to a close, the children in year 3/4 visited the Odeon cinema on festival Park to watch ‘Early Man.’ The children all had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed the film and what an experience it was to have a whole screening to ourselves!

Here is what some of our children thought of the film:

“I loved it when the bunny pretended to be a mammoth,” Faith.

“The best bit was when Doug fell and slid into the shower,” Harry.

“My favourite part was when Lord Nooth hit the referee with the rule book,” Finley.

“My favourite part was when Hognob became the goalie and saved the day.” Imogen.

“The best bit was when Doug kicked the ball backwards to score the winning goal,” Max.

“I liked how Grubup ate everything,” Harley.

“I liked it when the Stone Age people met the Bronze Age people and they played football,” Harry.

“I loved how funny it was,” Felicity.

“I liked it when the chief tricked them,” Jessica.

“It was hilarious that they were scared of the duck!” Will.