Year 3/4 Stone Age workshop

On Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th January, the children in year 3/4 took part in a Stone Age workshop. Across the two days the children took part in a number of activities and learnt lots about the lives of the people who were alive during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

During the archaeology session the children learnt how to be an archaeologist, how to safely dig for artefacts and then clean and categorise them. They studied the artefacts to find out which time period they were from and then from this created their own group museums to show changes through time.

In the technologies session the children learnt how to do a number of jobs that the people would have needed to do during this time period. They made their own arrows using sticks and flint, lashing them together with leather; it was rather tricky! Using a quern stone the children learnt how to grind grain into flour; it was hard work and 35 of them made just enough flour in 45 minutes to make 2 bread rolls!

The children also learnt how to weave and spin wool and created their own bracelets using bronze beads and teeth.  When they weren’t taking part in the workshop the children were completing their art projects, looking at the various cave paintings that have been discovered and also turned one of the Y3/4 cloakrooms into their very own cave, complete with cave drawings! Everyone had a fabulous time and it was a great way to launch our topic.