Maths support


There are lots of useful things, especially online resources, which can help your child with their maths. Whether it be some extra support for their homework, checking the meaning of different vocabulary or just playing a few games to support them with their recall of number facts you can find a number of different resources and web pages here on the support page. 


Found a maths word that’s tricky or you’re unsure of what it means? Check out the online maths dictionary for explanations and examples.


Want to practise your times tables, doubles, halves or number bonds? Then why not try ‘Hit the button’ using the link below.

Hit the Button


Puzzles and Problems

Why not try some logic problems and odd one out puzzles with these fantastic online activities.

WODB Emoji

Key Stage 1 Games

Check out this page for lots of games to help you in maths, from counting and ordering to shape and measure.


Key Stage 2 Games

Check out this page for lots of games to help you in maths, from fractions and decimals to measure and problem solving.

Try the Ultimate KS2 Maths SATs Organiser Daily Mini Videos Puzzles



Times Tables

Times tables form an essential part of mathematical understanding and one of the best ways to learn them is by song. Why not try learning some of the song below.


Multiplication Mash up

3 x table

 Lyrics – 3 times table – Uptown Funk

6 x table

Lyrics – 6 times table – Cheerleader

7 x table

Lyrics – 7 times table – Cups

8 x table

Lyrics – 8 times table – All about the Bass

9 x table


Multiplication Tables- 2-6


Reggae tables 1-6


Reggae tables 7-12