Meet our Eco Group

Hello we are the ECO GROUP




Some of the school council and eco group receiving a cheque for £100 from local charity Harp of Gold. This money will be used towards the Key Stage 2 garden.


Design and make a bee home competition

Did you know that our bee population is in danger? Bees are the most important insects of all and we need them to help pollinate our fruit and flowers.

The Eco Group have decided to help our local bees and in March we held a competition to make a bee house to put up around the school. Any media could be used, but of course, recycled or reclaimed is the best.

We were overwhelmed with the wonderful entries. Well done to everyone who had fun creating a bee house, we have put them up around school and in the garden and they will be perfect to attract those helpful bees. A prize was awarded to our favourite in Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Congratulations to Annie, Ginny and Freddie!


Litter pick

On Friday 3rd March, the Eco Group went on a litter pick around Audley. They walked from school up to the library in the village picking up all the litter they spotted on the way.

Matilda, a member of the Eco Group said she was disgusted to see so much litter. She went on to say that it’s so easy to put your litter in the bin and wishes that more people could help keep the streets clean by holding onto their litter till they see a bin. Even better, if it happens to be something that can be recycled, it should be put into the correct recycling bin. Litter is damaging, it can hurt or even kill an animal.

They carefully collected five big bags of rubbish which included cigarettes, drinks cans, tin foil and sweet wrappers. The children really enjoyed it and local residents commented on what a wonderful job they were doing for their community.


On Thursday 8th of December 2016 we had a planting workshop, each child planted 4 bulbs and were told how to look after them.

On Thursday 12th of January 2017

We had a bird box workshop and Mark from Newcastle borough council came to help us with this. We had 6 pieces of wood already cut and it was our job to put them together manually, it was hard work but we all had lots of FUN and enjoyed it.


On Thursday 26th of January 2017 we all got to see our bird boxes being hung up.  If you would like to see these bird boxes you can see them on the ks1 and ks2 grounds or take a look at Eco-Group makes and installs bird boxes. The eco group is proud to present them to you.

Before Christmas there was a whole school competition for the new school Eco song. We had many entries all but we all agreed on one that we loved…

Well done to our winner of the eco song competition Kian Y5/6W.

Finally Mr Bell has kindly agreed to give the Eco group some land for a ks2 garden which we shall be staring work on very soon, we shall also be updating the ks1 garden.

Just wait and see and something amazing will happen!!

Until then keep green and save energy

By Poppy and Matilda  Y3/4H