School Council


The school Council have been working very hard preparing events and raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. We have managed to raise £800 so far this year. Here is a reminder of some of our events.

The School Council have organised a Christmas disco for all year groups with special guests, DJ Bould and DJ Webb. Also, during last summer, James and Rebecca Hire organised their own cake sale and made lots of money. In November we held are very successful Grandparents afternoon Tea which raised an amazing £505. We all enjoyed eating cakes and spending time with our Grandparents.

School Council newsletter


Minutes from School Council

Meeting (Years 2-6): Tuesday 19th March 2019

 1.) Apologies for absence 

 Year 3 – Mrs Bond – swimming lessons.



2.) School council letter 

Children met today to discuss ideas for the School council newsletter. It was decided that a newsletter would be created every term for parents and children to read what the School Council has been doing.  The children had lots of ideas about the layout of the letter and which pictures should be included. The council discussed which events and meetings should be included in this terms letter. It was decided that the School council executive would be in charge of creating the letter.


3.) Teams

Children fed back from their classes about staff joining the team colours. All staff were asked and were very excited about being part of a team. The school council discussed the importance of teachers being involved. Next meeting we will discuss placing teachers into teams.


4) A new member has joined the school council from Year 5/6L. Unfortunately, one of our members has moved to a new school. Poppy is our new member for Year 5/6L.


5.) Date for next meeting 

Friday 5th April – 11:50 pm – staff room


Minutes from School Council Meeting (Years 2-6): Tuesday 22nd January & Friday 25th January 2019 

1.) Apologies for absence 


2.) Student Voice 

Children met today to discuss what it means to have a student voice. Children were asked to collect feedback about ‘Fab Friday’. The council spent lots of time thinking of questions they could ask each class. Two representatives from each class were given the task of collecting feedback from their class and the class teacher. Children decided to meet again to feedback ideas/ suggestions on Friday 25th January.

3.) School disco

The school council discussed ideas for the next school disco, which will take place in the spring term.

4.) Date for next meeting

Friday 25th January – 11.50 am – staff room.



Minutes from School Council Meeting (Years 2-6)

Monday 17th September at 11:50

Apologies for absence



The school council spent time discussing the charity they would like to support this year. The school council also met with staff to discuss different charities and ideas for fundraisers.

This year the School Council have chosen to support Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Any other business

We discussed ideas for the first fundraiser. School Council members were asked to think of ideas and feedback in the next meeting.


School council

Ravensmead School Council 2018-19

During the first week back at school, each class from Year 2 upwards elected two school council members to represent them. Year 5 and 6 children also elected a chair, secretary and treasurer.

The school council members who have been elected are:

Chair – Chloe
Treasurer – James
Secretary – Eva

Year 2 members – Laila, Riley, Ben and Lexi Mai
Yeah 3 members – Ffion, Heath, Sophia and Harry
Yeah 4 members – Chloe, Harry, Thomas and Imogen
Year 5/6 members – Faith, Ellie, Layla, Will, Chase and Maddie

The new School Council Co-ordinator is Mrs Lewis.