School Council

logoOur chosen charity: Approach- a charity supporting people with dementia in North Staffordshire.

The charity with the most votes which will become our chosen charity for this year is Approach, a charity which works in our local area to support people with dementia. We will support this by working with them to become dementia friendly.

We all thought this would be a very good idea and it would be good to help our local community.

APPROACH-NEW-LOGOOn Friday 14th October, Will Boyce from the charity will be coming into school to meet the school council and discuss ways we could raise money for the Approach charity. He will also be introduced to the school in celebration assembly.

Ravensmead School Council 2016-17

During the first week back at school, each class from Year 2 upwards elected two school council members to represent them. Year 5 and 6 children also elected a chair, secretary and treasurer.

The school council members who have been elected are: 

Chair: Isobel

Secretary: Liam

Treasurer: Lily

Y2B: Sapphire & Jake

Y2W: Ginny & Kienan

Y3/4H: Isaac & Poppy

Y3/4B: Jamie & Emily

Y3/4L: Ellie & Ewan

Y5/6R: Nakish & Arvie

Y5/6H: Noa & Rubi

Y5/6W: Jessica & Kian

School Council Co-ordinator – Mrs Stanyer
Link Governor – Julie Weston

Some of the school council and eco group receiving a cheque for £100 from local charity Harp of Gold. This money will be used towards the Key Stage 2 garden.

School council meeting minutes 16.9.16

Minutes from School Council Meeting 11.11.16

School council meeting minutes 20.1.17

School council minutes 7.7.17