Inclusion Quality Mark 2013

IQM_WebsiteRavensmead Primary is a welcoming, highly inclusive and innovative primary school. The school staff are constantly reflecting on existing practice through processes to ensure that it is ‘the best that it can be’. The systems within the school ensure that every child’s progress is measured in terms of achievement and well being. Parents and external partners are effusive in their praise of the school and grateful for the commitment to excellent practice. The Nurture Programmes and Family SEAL project are exemplary and highly valued by all.

The school has embedded inclusive practice. Staff, pupils, Governors, parents and external providers articulate a shared and clearly defined inclusive ethos and the SLT ensure that all members of staff understand inclusion in action and how to achieve positive outcomes through classroom and whole school policy and practice.

The school is a happy, purposeful, supportive environment and the pupils demonstrate that they feel secure, successful and proud of their school. The strong leadership team and committed staff have high, appropriate expectations of themselves, one another and the children in their care. The staff address the essential foundations necessary to enable learning in terms of good communication with parents and pre requisite learning skills, particularly in the field of language development and play and social skills. Staff equally value social and emotional aspects of development, in addition to curriculum based skills and knowledge.

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